Gesmin | LGC Standar
Mikromol - Pharmaceutical Industry
  • COVID-19 Research and Reference Materials
  • API Standards
  • Impurity standards
  • Pharmacopeial standards
  • International reference standards for antibiotics (WHO)
  • Enzyme Activators, Inhibitors and Substrates
Dr.Ehrenstorfer - Food and Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Pesticide metabolites
  • Wide range of veterinary and pharmaceutical residues
  • Reference materials, including marker metabolites
  • Popular mixtures for EPA and other regulatory methods
  • A chapter dedicated to new range of mycotoxins
Armi I MBH - Chemical Analysis of Metallic Alloys
  • Carbon and low alloy steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Tool steels
  • Nikel, Titanium and Aluminum alloys as well as Copper, Brass and Bronzes.
VHG Labs - High Purity Elements for Instrumentation
  • Petroleum reference materials
  • Metal-organic standards
  • Sulfur, Nitrogen and Chlorine
  • Petroleum physical testing standards
  • Matrix oils and solvents
  • Biodiesel Standards
Paragon Scientific
  • We only use raw materials of the highest quality.
  • We are precise in our services on an international basis.
  • We have the right people, technical expertise and excellent track record.
  • Our certificates have all the required signatories to prove the claims we make.
  • TRC has specialized for 38 years in the production of quality products for innovative research.
  • We provide the tools and support needed by researchers in the global scientific community.
  • A range of products for use in a wide range of application areas
  • Including pharmaceutical and medical R&D, forensic science and environmental analysis.