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Anti-bribery Management

How to know when we are facing a bribery case?

We must understand bribery as any offer, promise, deliver, acceptation or request for a improper advantage of any value (financial nature o not), whether it is made directly or indirectly and that undermines good governance in a company and with nefarious arrival until for a nation, it hampers development and distorts fair competition among its population.

Why implement it?

It benefits a company or organization to prevent, detect and deal with bribery in all its forms and comply with anti-bribery laws and policies that are applicable to its activities.

Action Guideline:

Gesmin counts with the following lines of action:

1. Anti-bribery Policy

Description of our commitments regarding the Anti-Bribery Management system.Click here

2. Complaint channels

Our Complaints Email::

Form for reporting acts of corruption Click here